A Former Insider's Guide to Parole
Over 60,000 people remain incarcerated in New York State prisons, and most of them will have an
opportunity at some point, and perhaps several points,to convince the Board of Parole that they are suitable for
return to their community without endangering the public safety.
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"33 years behind bars prove life-changing as parolee
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"Entitled A Former Insiderís Guide to Parole, Gerald T. Baloneís self-published
book is just as much about surviving the prison experience with your humanity and
sense of hope intact as it is about successfully getting paroled."... read more...
"If I could take only one person to a desert island with me, it wouldn't be an
attorney. But, if I could only take one book to prison with me, this would be
this one-- and I am an attorney."... read more
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